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Water Disinfectant Manufacturers In India U.S.Steriles

Water Treatment Chemicals and Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer since 1996

Gramicid Eco-friendly

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide in India

Gramicid - complex formulation of processed silver, a noble metal and Hydrogen Peroxide.

RO Chemicals

RO Chemicaks Manufacturer

RO Chemicals which include Antiscalants, Antifoulants, Membrane Cleaners...

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling Tower Chemicals

We manufacture a broader range of Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals..

Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Boiler Treatment Chemicals

U.S.Steriles are manufacturer and supplier of Boiler Chemicals

Food Grade Mineral Additives

Food Grade Magnesium Sulphate

They help in maintaining mineral composition of water.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Since 1996, U.S.STERILES is the manufacturer of Gramicid- Eco-Friendly Disinfectant & Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturers.
We began with an aim to formulate all those products which serve the human interest in a domain of water purification. Within a time period of 2 decades, we have added up much more special formulations for wide applications. The assortment of our Eco-Friendly Water treatment Chemicals include the following: Gramicid Eco-friendly Disinfectant, Cooling Tower Chemicals, Boiler Water Treatment Chemical, R.O Water Treatment Chemicals, R.O. Cleaning Chemicals, R.O Membrane Preservative, Multipurpose Liquid Detergents, Fuel Additives.. Learn more

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