Gramicid Eco-friendly

Gramicid - complex formulation of processed silver, a noble metal and Hydrogen Peroxide.

RO Chemicals

RO Chemicals which include Antiscalants, Antifoulants, Membrane Cleaners...

Cooling Tower Chemicals

We manufacture a broader range of Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals..

Boiler Treatment Chemicals

U.S.Steriles are manufacturer and supplier of Boiler Chemicals

Food Grade Mineral Additives

They help in maintaining mineral composition of water.

Cleaning Hygiene Products

U.S.Steriles has a range of Multipurpose Liquid Detergent. The liquid detergents, are formulation of anionic surfactants. It contains wetting agent that allows rapid penetration to remove fat, oil, grease, petroleum sludge & grime.
FINEWASH is a liquid detergent formulation of anionic surfactants with low foaming qualities. In terms of housekeeping products, we manufacture serveral products. Handwash, Alcohol based Hand Disinfectant, Floor Cleaner, Dish Wash, Glass Cleaner and Fabric Wash are all available with us. Cleaning the frequently contacted surface reduces the microbial load providing health safety. We have recently introduced a Laboratory Glassware Liquid Detergent - Liquid Lab Wash ( Brand : Pyoraa ).